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Internal safety lines are a vital part of workplace health and safety in Brisbane.  We are happy to create 100mm wide lines, walkway lines, pallet lines, backing lines, arrows, edge lines, and chevron markings.  River City Linemarking can also paint/highlight fire hydrant areas, safety areas, and exclusion zones.


A safety line is intended to provide reasonable assurance that the wearer will remain attached to a craft, it is a common solution to the need for safety lines of longer and shorter lengths is a mid-point hook.

The most commonly yellow marking to mark existing and passageways as well as to demarcate safe aisles.

A floor marking is usually use done by using paint or adhesive products that including floor marking tape, floor signs, and floor marking shapes.

These are the following color:

  1. Red – Danger and high risk
  2. Orange – Moderate risk
  3. Yellow – Caution statement
  4. Green – Safety equipment
  5. Blue – No immediate hazard
  6. Red – Combustible materials

A 5S tape is a multipurpose tape that from strong vinyl material and can be used for a variety of applications such as floor, walls, doors, shelving, supplies.

A blue-white for defective machinery and orange-white for traffic and caution warning.

A internal safety line is a vital part to keep the workplace health and safety service.

At River, City Linemarking offers you a wide range of services like:

  1. Workplace
  2. Walkway lines
  3. Pallet lines
  4. Backing lines
  5. Back lines
  6. Arrows
  7. Edge lines
  8. Chevron marking

At River City Linemarking we offer quality service to paint or highlight fire hydrant areas.

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