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We offer concrete or rubber wheel stops and we supply, fit and install these at the site.  We also offer Professional Wheel Stops Marking across Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast available.

Concrete Wheel Stops Brisbane

Yes, we supply, fit and install concrete wheel stops in Brisbane for you. Whatever your needs may be, feel free to connect with us. Our professionals are available to offer you a seamless experience with concrete wheel stop installation. We also make sure our wheel stop marking services are available easily to suit your purposes.

A wheel stops are of concrete are precast, concrete is poured into a mold and allower the harden the concrete wheel stop.

These are also known as curb stops or a parking block, a wheel stop is a small barrier used at the end of the parking spaces to assist drivers while parking their vehicles.

Concrete parking blocks are extremely heavy and a 6-foot block weight of approximetly 275lbs.

These are the following things:

  1. Position the parking block
  2. Drill using a high-speed hammer drill with a ¾ masonry bit and a deep hole in the concrete.
  3. Insert a lag anchor

A wheel stop is only required when the front end of the vehicle would encroach into the accessible route and reduce the path.

At River City Linemarking we offer:

  1. Concrete wheel stops
  2. Rubber wheel stops

We can offer you the best installing and supplying a concrete and rubber wheel stop installation at your site.

River City Linemarking can help to install a wheel stop at your site, you can feel free to contact us at 073-274-1246.

These are the following area:

  1. Brisbane
  2. Gold Coast
  3. Sunshine Coast

The wheel stop positions shall be set at the rear-in position and all vehicles are required to back in.

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