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Need paint removed? Need to remove obsolete signage that is so “last year”? Don’t black it out. Call River City Linemarking for our road and line marking removal services across Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast to have it gone permanently and professionally.

We have diamond blade disc grinders that remove paint without damaging the surface. For that stubborn work on bitumen that just won’t go away, we have two different types of scabbling machines that are more aggressive at removing marks permanently and professionally.


The line paint removal can be done with the help of a water blaster as well although a pressure washer can also peel away the paint without damaging the pavement.

The most commonly water-based paints, MMA, polymer tape, and epoxy resin is the most commonly used material in the road and floor marking.

The approximate period can last around 4 to 5 years, only the temporary will need to repeat application in years to come.

Many methods can be used like blasting, grinding, sandblasting, or other methods that are advised by the engineer.

By removing the road marking and making new marking so the drivers feel more confident when they see the road marking clearly.

You can call us at 073-274-1246 to book out the road marking removal service or email us at info@rivercitylinemarking.com.

Our team will ensure you give complete quality for stubborn work we have two different types of scabbling machines they are more aggressive at removing permanently and professionally.

Yes, we have specialized tools to complete the job with the best quality job, we ensure you remove the road marking professionally without damaging the surface.

There are the following ways to remove pavement marketing:

  1. Vacuum dry grinding
  2. Wet grinding
  3. Diamond blade
  4. High-pressure water blasting

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