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At River City Linemarking we have a broad range of symbols and stencils that we can use to paint wording, names, numbers for various jobs.  The standard Symbols Marking in that we offer across Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast are:

10 Min, 10K, Bike – Small and Large, Disabled Parking, Pram Parking, Senior Parking, Walking Legs, Motorbike, Reserved, Small Car, Stop, Visitor, Honeycomb.

We are not limited to these though we are able to custom make stencils or have them made if intricate works. Your business name can even be painted into your car bays.


We come with a broad range of symbols and stencils that we can use to paint wording, names, for various jobs.

These are some primary sign:

  1. Mandatory Sign
  2. Cautionary Sign
  3. Informatory Sign

This Symbol picture shows the bike painted on the road means that the lane is exclusively for cyclists to ride in.

If you got any customer street design as well our team easily helps you to get it as a Symbol for your home or business.

Yes we are not limited to some number of symbol marking, we can pull off the job for your business.

You can feel free to get connected with us and the price for the symbol making depends on the job type.

Spray a 4-inch line at the bottom of the 5-feet wide access aisle line, measuring 12-inches up from this line and place the no parking stencil on the pavement, spray the open area of the stencil with the light blue paint.

These are the following area we serve:

  1. Across Brisbane
  2. Gold Coast
  3. Sunshine Coast

The most common material for stencils is Mylar for a good reason because it is flexible and durable and easy to clean.

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