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Warehouses have used our linemarking services for creating lines internal and externally to the warehouse.  We are happy to create 100mm wide lines, walkway lines, pallet lines, backing lines, arrows, edge lines and chevron markings.  River City Linemarking can also paint/highlight fire hydrant areas, safety areas and exclusion zones.  We usually use Dulux Roadmaster A1 and Durebild Epoxy paint in majority of our Warehouse Safety Line Marking across Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.


By using a blue line marking is done where the raw material is kept and a red and white line marking to warn employees of the area is restricted access for safety reasons.

The floor marking is usually done using paint and this process includes floor marking tape, floor signs, and floor marking shapes.

If a particular area is a physical hazard in an area, then you can see black and yellow tape should be used to mark the area.

With the help of the safety marking in the warehouse this can reduce the injury and increase quality as well.

By adding floor marking can automatically improve safety and cut down on waste.

These are the safety color:

  1. Red- fire protection
  2. Orange- fir moderate risk
  3. Yellow- caution statement
  4. Green- safety equipment
  5. Blue – No immediate hazard
  6. Red- consumable material
  7. Yellow- Oxidizer

Blue safety signs are known as mandatory signs this demonstrates that a specific behavior must be undertaken.

These floor marking shapes comes in a variety including dot, footprint, and arrows.

The major benefit of this safety line because it helps mitigate hazards with well merely lanes.

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